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The Two Sides of Controlling Energy Costs


As most brick and mortar business owners can attest to, one of the largest recurring overhead costs is the cost to heat, cool, and power the business 24 hours per day, seven days a week. This can be extremely hard to budget for as seasonal tariffs, extreme weather, and changes in usage can be difficult if not impossible to predict. 

Rapid changes like this that can seriously effect your budget and send business owners scrambling to adjust to the changing conditions. Fortunately, there are ways that you can positively impact both supply and demand side energy costs to get a leg up in controlling the cost of energy to your business. Let’s get educated on ways to affect savings on both sides of the energy coin.

Supply Side Control

Massachusetts is one of the growing number of states that allows consumers to shop for a competitive energy supplier. The power of choice has been bestowed upon the masses. We now have the ability to choose from many different supply side options, including purchasing energy at a fixed price for a set term. By going direct to suppliers, consumers are able to lock in rates for 6, 12, 18, 24, and even 36-month terms. Fortunately, these rates are priced at a discount to the current utilities' tariff rate. 

Choosing a competitive supplier over the utilities' options help consumers avoid exposure to tariff fluctuations during peak usage months, as well as standardize a lower fixed cost per unit over the term of the contract. Radical Solutions can help business owners address supply side cost controls. We have contracts with multiple providers. Those suppliers submit their best rates daily which means your Radical Solutions rate has already been compared to those offered by other major suppliers. While that may seem like a great deal (and it is) that is only ½ of the solution. 

Demand Side Control

Once the price of your energy is controlled, the next step is to reduce your daily energy use, or the demand. There are many ways to do this. For example, demand charges from the utility can vary throughout the day. Knowing this, you can run projects that drain energy at a more favorable time of day. Business owners can also take a look at upgrading heating and cooling systems, investing in high efficiency equipment and make the change to LED lighting.  Changes like this can reduce energy demand substantially. While there are certainly costs for this work the government, and even your utility, is giving away rebates to help defray some of these costs. With usage reductions such as these, the ROI on any capital expenditure is certainly within reason. Contact Radical Solutions today to be connected with one of our trusted partners to learn more about the areas your business could improve in.

A Partner You Can Trust

Radical Solutions offers several ways to add value as your preferred energy partner. Still paying high tariff rates?  Our streamlined process assures we will provide you with the day's most competitive rate. Already have a competitive rate but still use incandescent lighting? Radical solutions can help here too. We have strategic partnerships with several companies, certified by the utilities, to offer a turnkey solution to improve your energy efficiency.

No matter where you are with your energy procurement strategy, help is around the corner. To set up your no obligation consultation message me directly, contact us online, or email for more information.