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Answers to your most common questions

1. What is energy deregulation?

Deregulation in any market is nothing more than the government removing state regulations within a particular industry, or economic environment.  Energy deregulation means your state has removed the regulations that helped monopolized the energy market, creating competition in the marketplace and more choices for the consumer.

2. What is the value to my business?

By putting the power of choice in your hands, the deregulation of the electric and natural gas markets allow business owners and residential consumers of these products to shop for the best supply rates they can find, instead of relying solely on their utility company.  Generally when competition increases, prices come down.  Consumers who choose to select their supplier of electricity generally pay less, and have more budgetary stability.

3. Does this mean I need to change my current utility company?

Absolutely not.  Your utility most likely produces no electricity or natural gas themselves.  They are simply the conduit or infrastructure being used to deliver the energy to your home or business.  Choosing your supplier simply means you are telling your utility you have chosen a supplier to generate the energy, and have negotiated your own rate for that.  It remains your utilities responsibility to deliver that to your building, maintain service, and respond to outages and emergencies.

4. Will I be receiving additional bills or invoices?

No, you will still maintain the exact same bill you receive today from your utility.  What you will notice on that bill is a line item indicating you have chosen your own supplier, who that is, and  to contracted rate.  Your utility is required to pass through that rate, without disrupting any of your normal services.

5. Does Radical Solutions charge to negotiate a rate for me?

Our service is at no additional cost to the consumer.  At Radical Solutions we have wholesale agreements with the suppliers.  Those suppliers submit their most competitive rate every day, and we choose which supplier to share with our customers on that day.   By getting daily rates from all of our suppliers we take the guesswork out of the process and ensure our clients are receiving the best available rate.  Radical Solutions earns money from our supplier agreements, not by charging our clients for our services.

6. How can I get started?

Very easily.  Reach out on the contact us page, call, email, or message us on Facebook and LinkedIn.  Have a copy of your electric bill available and we can work with you to answer any questions you have.  When your are ready we will provide you is a 12 month usage analysis, estimated financial impact, and recommendations on the best plan for you.